My name is Alycia — I’m a fine art/lifestyle photographer but also cram into my day as much dance, music, healthy eating, animal keeping, gardening, crafts, art projects, games, and learning with my kids as I possibly can.  I love beauty, simplicity, and connection.  I believe it is important to be present in our lives and enjoy the moment, which I hope is shown in my work.  I prefer to use film during my sessions for all of those reasons.  I am able to connect with the person I am photographing on a different level.  There is no screen to distract me, and I must choose carefully when I click the button because each of those moments I capture is one precious frame of film, a moment that will never be there again.   Then, I get to come home from my session and send it off to my trusted lab and be able to go back to enjoy my family until the day they send me the files.  Film is beautiful, timeless and simple.  My goal is to provide you with memories that will stand the test of time and will be able to grace your walls for decades.

*photo credit – Sharon Johnson Photography

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