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836947521Photography is more than just a job to me, it is a passion, and a gift I wish to share with those around me.  I hope that I can touch the hearts of my clients by capturing them as they are, and create lasting memories.  That is something I could never put a price on for your family, or for mine, it is very much a personal thing.  My hope is to build a relationship of trust with my clients and be able to provide you with pictures that are unique for you and your loved ones.  I want to be able to say that I succeeded in capturing a piece of your puzzle!

The Gift Economy and How It Applies to My Rates 
Clients will only be charged for film, lab costs, travel costs (if more than 25 miles outside of Lake Stevens) and sales tax (which I am required to pay to the state.)  For a Mini Session this comes to be around $50 and $100 for a full session. Once your images are ready they will be loaded to your online gallery, you will be able to download the high resolution images and will be given a print release. At that time you can gift me what you believe the entire session (including images and my time) was worth (note: gifting does not mean free.) The average photographer of my experience usually makes $150-$200/hr based on time alone.  This time includes planning for sessions, the time traveling, shooting, and the time editing and managing photos for the convenience of my client.   There are also many other costs for a photographer of my kind, things that can easily be overlooked when thinking of costs, such as shipping fees to safely send film off to my lab.  You can use this as a guideline, but it is completely up to you!  The only way you’ll have specific fees is if you choose to order prints through me and my professional print lab. This relationship-based business model is called a “Gift Economy.” You can read more information about this model here and here.
If you feel like you would like to try something new this year and be a part of the gifting economy fill out the form below or email to book your session.  I’m looking forward to our adventure!

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